Installing Speakers and Grills

January 23, 2017

Among the more difficult to find pieces for my Track & Field Cocktail were the metal sheets which covered the speakers and vent holes. Presumably these covers prevent anyone from poking out the speakers or dropping their garbage inside the cabinet.

When I say difficult to find, what I really mean is I didn’t know what I was looking for. I had no idea of how to describe these sheets. Eventually, the phrase I stumbled onto that worked was perforated aluminum. I ended up ordering a 3’ x 3’ sheet from Way more than I needed, but it could be useful down the road if I push forward with another project.

Uncut sheet of perforated aluminum

The perforated aluminum comes in these rather large, uncut sheets. Shipped in bubble wrap.

Cutting perforated aluminum with tin snips

I cut out some pieces with my tin snips

Partially painted grill covers

I painted them black with spray paint.

Perforated aluminum speaker/vent grill cover

Stapled into place over the speaker and vent covers. I could have cut them a bit smaller, but they can't really be seen from the outside anyway.

Four inch, mounted speaker

One of the speakers screwed in over the perforated aluminum.