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Classic Arcade Projects Privacy Policy

Last updated July 25, 2016

When you interact with (or any other internet service for that matter), you and your browsing deivce engage in an information exchange with the website, the server(s) it’s hosted on and other scripts and servers which relay content. This page is to help you understand what this means for you when you visit

What we collect

We make use of CloudFlare and Google Analytics to collect information about your browser and device interacting with our site. This data includes visit metrics including, but not limited to: your entry and exit points to the site, the length of your visit, the number of visits, your path through the site and technolgies supported by your web browser.

The collection of this data will likely be transparent to you. That is to say it occurs behind the scenes when your browser interacts with and scripts contained on the site.

We may also collect data you volunteer information to us through: email, social media sites, forums, comments or other web forms. This could include your name and email address.

How we use this information

The data we collect are used to help gauge traffic to This helps us identify popular content which we can use to help tailor future content to the reader of the site. In some cases, the data could be used to help us identify problems with the site. The information can also be used to help us quantify the popularity of social media (or other types of media) campaigns.

Data can be used to track the legitamcy of visits from your web browser. If your web browser and/or hosting device make unusual or malicious requests to, you might lose the ability to access the site. This may happen temporarily or permanently. You could also find yourself presented with a challenge/response screen such as a CAPTCHA which will be used to help identify you as a legitmate web site visitor and not an automated system like a bot or a script. These measures are taken to improve the availability of the site through the restriction of malicious or unusual traffic.

We want to know what you’re thinking. If you volunteer data through comments, social media or other means of transmission we will read and review some or all of these comments to collect your opinions or for answering your questions.

How this information is stored

None of the data we collect is stored on servers controlled by The storage of this data is controlled by CloudFlare, GitHub, Google and Muut.

We may retain your emails and the sending address(es) indefinitely. While the email is not directly stored on servers controlled by temporary copies may be pushed out to email clients on personal computers, or hand-held devices such as tablets or smart phones.

We may also make use of cookies which are stored by your web browser for tracking, verification or enhanced site functionality.

Your rights

If you do not agree with the usage set forth in this policy there are mechanisms which you can freely use to limit the collection of your data. These mechanisms include, but are not limited to: host file entries, ad blockers, tracking blockers, private browsing modes, The Onion Router (Tor) and various other anti-tracking software.

You also have the ability to stop visiting our site.

Third-Party information

If you are concerned about your privacy, information and how it’s being used, you should also review the privacy policies of these other service which are used to provide content and functionality to